Dear Joan,

Nancy and I want to Thank You from “The bottom of our hearts”, for all that you have done in helping us find and purchase our home in Windward at Cape Haze. We have always lived in the Northeast. The only knowledge we had of Florida, was from my Air Force Flight Training days in Bartow, and the occasional golf trips I still take with friends to the West Palm Beach area. Know that some of the questions we asked, had made you feel like we were real “Klutzes”. We didn’t even know the difference between a Lanai and Courtyard ! Your patience and understanding was fantastic. How this all came about: Nan and I had decided that the West Coast would best suit our lifestyle.. Decided that we would start our search between Sarasota and Naples. Started our search by contacting Real Estate Offices by e-mail in Dec of 98. You were the very first person to respond to our inquiries.. Your Website answered many of our questions. Additionally, your continuing support by Phone, Fax and literature was outstanding.. I wanted to be on a Golf Course, and Nan wanted a pool. This appeared to be our “Impossible Dream”, due to the limitations we placed on you regarding Home Purchase Price. Not once did you say this was unrealistic.. The Auction ! We never met you, but throughout our many communications, we felt as though we knew and could trust you. When you called regarding the Auction in Windward, we were very hesitant – after all we never met, we had no idea about the location, were we buying a “pig in a poke”, etc.. It was strictly by Faith and our Trust in you that we decided to proceed with our bid for the home in Windward. We were not there, but rather you were so convinced that this home was so right for us, that you acted as our nominee at the Auction – even saved us $5000. The rest is History ! Neither Nancy or I can find those words which could best tell you about Joan. First and foremost, she is a Professional ! Be assured that she will always work for your best interest in a committed and sincere manner. Simply, she is a person of integrity and dedication, whose sole purpose is to also have you find your “Impossible Dream” ! -Nancy and Rob